Marijuana is a type of drug which has been trending in recent times, but, is not meant to be taken. It is a type of drug which ruins the body in the worst parts. They are unhealthy as well as life-taking.
Many youngsters get involved in taking this type of drug and lose their life because of it. But, there are different organizations that have been working on making this drug unavailable and fighting through it.
Here are some of the anti-marijuana slogans in which we condemn the use of this life taking drug. They are fantastic and eye-opening. Read further to know about it!

Here are 30+ Best Anti Marijuana Slogans

  • You don’t need to light up a joint
  • Weedy is a greedy
  • Delete weed and start good deeds
  • Joint is not good for health
  • God Made the Herb to Use, Not to Abuse
  • Go green but don’t go for marijuana
  • Mary Jane ruins the brain
  • Weed is not a friend in need
  • Marijuana kills, this message is approved by GOD
  • Keep calm and stay away from weed
  • Be a good deeder, not a weeder
  • Do dope, Lose Hope
  • Stop smoking weed
  • An Ounce Of Weed A Day Takes Your Life Away.
  • Make the Grade, Join the Anti-Bullying Crusade.
  • A buddy who won’t let you do weed is the friend indeed
  • Weed costs you more than money
  • Marijuana is your real enemy
  • There’s nothing more wrong than hitting that bong
  • “Stop watering the weeds!!”
  • Avoid any drama by not using marijuana
  • Drugs are Bad, and your Mom will get mad
  • Make mistakes but not as bad as marijuana
  • Getting high will keep your self-esteem low
  • Sing songs and avoid weed
  • Weed is a slow poison
  • Do good deeds and don’t live on weeds
  • Smoking the dope won’t help you cope
  • Marijuana rotten your memory.
  • I don’t do drugs, I don’t do weed, I just want hugs, that’s all I need
  • Marijuana – the destroyer of lives.
  • Don’t do weed, do Yoga
  • Be yourself, stop doing marijuana