• Safe The Country Fight Against Corruption.
  • Fight against corruption, make this nation better!
  • Keep Nothing Under The Table Except Your Shoes
  • A corruption-free nation, a happy nation!
  • Corruption Can Be Prevented
  • Honesty Pays Honors And Corruption Dishonors
  • Corruption holds no good. Get rid of corruption.
  • Arise Awake Or Else All Our Country’s Development Will Be Fake
  • Corruption Go Away Leave My Country Let There A Beautiful Day
  • Fight Corruption Its Your World
  • A Clean Hand Makes The Country Proud
  • Corruption may lead you to destruction.
  • Kick out corruption, development will kiss your feet.
  • Corruption Is Not Universal
  • Say no to bribe. Build a corruption-free nation.
  • Corruption Is Not Good For Our Country
  • Do not support bribery. Stand up against it with bravery.
  • Corruption Kills The Core Of Our Country

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Last Update: January 15, 2022