Children are the avatars of Gods and look the best when they laugh and smile. But, in modern times, there have been a lot of cases which are rising because of the low mentality of people.
Child abuse is literally the worst a grown-up can do. It is an illegal act that can also cause punishment by the laws. So, you shouldn’t hit any child because of any reason.
Going further here are some of the detailed child abuse slogans that will help you to know why child abuse is wrong. Go on to read different information about the same.

Here is a list of 30+ Slogans on Child Abuse that you should Read Now!

    • You have the power to create a better future. Treat Children Well.
    • Children are like different roses.
    • It is easier to build up a good child than it is an adult. Stop the abuse!
    • The black and blues may fade away, but the pain inflicted will stay
    • An Abused Child Is Everyone’s Responsibility!
    • The pain you inflict will cause much conflict
    • There is no excuse, Speak out against child abuse
    • Children are the hope of the future. Treat them well.
    • Children are the seeds that make our future blossom
    • I once was a victim, now I am a survivor!
    • Stop child marriage stop child abuse
    • In their future, it can reflect, if as a child they faced neglect
    • Child labor is child abuse for which you have no excuse.
    • Teach them the right way as they grow, and in the future the right way they will know.
    • Give us the truth and stop the abuse!
    • Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime.
    • Children are the seeds that make our future blossom
    • Stop the abuse, stop the cruelty, Stop the Slaughter!
    • Every Child is Innocent Save Them From The Fear
    • Let the youngsters continue their life with smiles.
    • Stop child sexual abuse. It kills childhoods.
    • Child abuse does not go away, but 90 percent of child abuse is preventable.
    • Child Abuse: See it, Hear it, Report it!
    • Mental anguish always results from the avoidance of legitimate suffering.

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