We’re going to share a list of “Anti-Ragging Slogan” ideas below.

Below is List Of Some Of The Best 30+ Anti Ragging Slogans :

  • Let us all join the anti-ragging squad
  • Ragging is a crime, condemned by the nation.
  • Ragging is not an ice-breaker
  • Ragging does not break the ice, it breaks lives, careers, and families!
  • Support the change, support anti-ragging
  • Punishment awaits
  • Ragging is a crime, reward is jail.
  • Abide by the rules
  • Let’s make India ‘Ragging-free’.
  • Be the ideal senior
  • Be a change-maker! Make your campus Ragging-free!
  • A junior doesn’t deserve ragging
  • Ragging is a great crime
  • Don’t even dare to rag
  • Goodbye ragging.
  • Ragging is a great crime
  • Ragging comes with great consequences
  • Get high on life, not on ragging
  • Stop ragging at every cost

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