Construction safety means safety during the construction of a home building and other similar things. There have been different things that are involved in construction safety. Mainly the employees who are involved in the construction are included in it.
A construction company needs to have different things covered in order to provide the employee with a sense of safety. Going further, here are some of the famous construction safety slogans. They will help you in order to know more about the different construction safety measures. Go on to read further about it. It will help you to know more about the different safety measures.

Below is a list of 15+ Best Construction Safety Slogans :

  • The project ends but safety never ends
  • Safety is a full-contact job.
  • Do not forget the helmets
  • Accidents Big Or Small, Avoid Them All
  • Not worth risking your life
  • Safety is of the utmost importance when working on a construction site.
  • A spill, a slip, a hospital trip
  • Say no to carelessness!
  • Accidents Big Or Small, Avoid Them All
  • Safety is the most important project tool ever
  • Avoid the worst. Put safety first.
  • Accident prevention is cost less, accident investigation is costly
  • Better Safe than Sorry.
  • Safety is an equal priority in construction.
  • Always remember, all accidents are preventable
  • Choose safety, for your family.
  • Safety first is the watchword of all workers on a construction site.