Aviation safety is one of the most essential things when it comes to traveling in the air. It refers to the risk and other things involved while traveling on the airplane. There are different things that come under the category of aviation safety.
Going further, here are some of the famous aviation safety slogans. It will help you in seeing the right meaning of the different safety measures and other things. These slogans are specially curated for your usage. They are assembled in order to offer you the right meaning of aviation safety. Read further in order to know more.

Below is a list of 20 Best Aviation Safety Slogans :

  • Aviation safety costs little, but saves much
  • Turbulence comes, Turbulence goes, but aviation safety you should never oppose.
  • The black box tells the whole story, but not save the lives
  • Aviation Safety gets you to the sky
  • Don’t be insane, Practice Safety on a Plane.
  • Tell your companion. Tell your friend, fasten your seatbelt as we prepare to descend.
  • Be safe and fly with confidence
  • Don’t be a fool, aviation safety is cool
  • Flying is not dangerous, crashing is.
  • Be aware, on the ground & the air!
  • Keep safety in mind. It will save you behind
  • Safety can save your and others life
  • Keep calm & aviate, navigate, communicate
  • The view is better at the top if you follow aviation safety
  • Be careful, safety isn’t just a slogan, it’s a way of life
  • At work, at play, let safety lead the way.
  • Be safe, someone is waiting for you at home
  • Work hard, fly right.
  • Safety is a full-time job – don’t make it a part-time practice
  • Don’t be a fool, cause safety is cool, so make that your rule.
  • Don’t be safety blinded, be safety-minded.

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