Fire is so destructive that it may completely destroy houses and businesses in a matter of minutes. However, the fires can be avoided. There is a need to raise public knowledge about the dangers of fire. This can be accomplished with the use of fire safety phrases.

Below is List Of Some Of Forest Fire Prevention Slogans :

    Fire from the death camp means a live forest

  • An accident brings tears, fire safety brings cheers.
  • A burning forest is a burning shame
  • Save the forest for the sake of innocent souls
  • When a fire starts to grow, call 911 and let them know
  • Warn everyone, avert forest fire
  • Be a hero, learn fire prevention.
  • Be safe – Be aware, Fire dangers are present here.
  • Stop the forest fire before it’s too late
  • Share the word, prevent forest fire
  • Fire means no job tomorrow, so always Safety first!
  • See-through the hazard, stop a forest fire
  • Big or small, Fire safety is for all.
  • Fire will burn you and melt your skin
  • Carelessness is the biggest cause of the fire.
  • East or West, preventing forest fire is the best
  • Save the forest, for a better future
  • Fire and forests are eternal enemies
  • Don’t ever let the fire grow.
  • Carelessness is the greatest source of forest fire
  • Ensure fire safety, save a life, save property.
  • Never underestimate a single burning leaf
  • Fire is a good servant but a bad master.
  • Know about fire safety, don’t get burnt.

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