Skateboarding is a fun activity sport that involves using a skateboard to do tricks. It is a recreational activity that is often renowned among both young people and adults. Being a skateboarder isn’t easy because mastering the art requires different years. This sport has also gained another industry job in recent teams and has become a method of transportation.
There are different skateboarders which have mastered this art. If you are a skateboarder and looking for the perfect slogans for it then you are at the right place. Here are some of the famous and motivating skateboarding slogans for you.

  • Skateboard: Because gravity is a terrible thing to waste
  • You don’t stop boarding when you get old… get old when you stop boarding.
  • Skateboarding keeps people balanced!
  • I want you to skate!
  • It always seems impossible until it’s done.
  • It is not an attitude, it is the way I am.
  • Skateboarding: splinters in your feet and asphalt in your teeth
  • There is no crying in Sailing
  • Keep calm & skate on.
  • To skate or not to skate? There is no question
  • Keep calm and Skate.
  • Against the wind feeling happy
  • Kid tested, wife, disapproved. 100% fun.
  • I am a boater and I don’t need motors
  • Life Freedom. Perfection Action.
  • Life is a lot with skateboarding.
  • Life’s short ride long.
  • Live in peace & Skateboard.
  • Live, Love, & Skateboard.
  • Make skate parks, not war.
  • Boys who Skate are better at Grinding’
  • Life is a lot with skateboarding
  • Skateboarding isn’t a sport, it’s a lifestyle
  • When and doubt, Big Spin out.
  • Ride hard, cause bones heal and chicks dig scars

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