Sailing has been a great way of traveling in the water. The Dutch were the first people who used the yachts for fun. Till the 20th century, traveling a yacht was considered as a fun sport only for the wealthy. However, in the year 1950s and 1960s, different inexpensive and robust materials were used to make it. This made the yacht accessible to all.

Now, in recent times, different people are known to go on a sail even in the lakes and rivers.
Furthermore, here are some of the fun sailing slogans which can help you to understand it pretty well.

Here is a list of Sailing Sport Slogans

  • Born to sail, forced to work.
  • You me & the sea
  • Come sail away with me!
  • Girls come & go but Sailing is eternal
  • Yes I do have a Retirement plan, I plan on Sailing
  • Calm down, I’m a sailor, I’ve seen worse
  • Grab life by the tail, set sail
  • Sailing is my passion
  • Forget male and female, you are here to sail, sail & sail
  • Save fuel, drive a sailboat
  • Sail fast like you have wings
  • Girls come & go but Sailing is eternal
  • Keep calm and Sailing on
  • Yes I do have a Retirement plan, I plan on Sailing
  • Explore dreams
  • Road to sailing
  • I love Sailing more than the free WIFI
  • Storms can’t stop me
  • Keep calm & sail
  • Don’t let anyone take the wind out of your sails
  • Cool people do Sailing
  • The wind is not in your control but you can control your sail
  • I said I like to sail
  • Set sail and have a whale of a good time
  • I mean to say Sailing
  • Let’s go sailing
  • Save fuel, drive a sailboat
  • Sailing is hotter than the bottom of your Laptop.
  • Born to play with storms & winds
  • Fight till victory
  • Against the wind feeling happy
  • I am a boater and I don’t need motors
  • Sailing: Hours of utter boredom periodically interrupted by moments of sheer terror
  • Sailing is not a joke
  • No life without Sailing

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Last Update: September 1, 2020