Football often termed as association football as well as soccer is a game played between two teams. These teams consist of 11 players each of which also includes the goalkeeper.
Except for the hands and arms, the whole body can be used to move the ball into the opposite team’s goal. The goalkeeper is the alone person which can take the ball in his hands. In the end, the team which has the highest goals wins.
Here are some of the famous and motivating football slogans that you will love to read about. Dive into the ocean of amazing slogans and know more about the game.

Here is a list of Catchy football Slogans

  • One TEAM One DREAM.
  • Let’s Play again and again
  • Small town, Big dreams
  • Football for the kicks
  • 11 Players, 1 heartbeat
  • hardwork+ Sacrifice+Dedication= Success
  • We have only one Dream, Win it!
  • If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch!
  • Sweat makes the green grass grow.
  • Sweat plus Sacrifice equals Success.
  • Winning is a habit, Success is a choice.
  • Football Goals are attained by Perseverance
  • Goals are Important if they win the game
  • Keep Calm and Win the Match
  • We don’t practice until we can get it right. We practice until we can’t get it wrong.
  • Football is game with happiness
  • Hit the ball in a better direction
  • Heart and mind together, a perfect game

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