Below is a list of Anti Eve Teasing Slogans and Taglines:

  • Whatever I Wear Whatever I Do, Don’t Touch Me How Dare You?
  • Real men respect women.
  • If You Want To Tease Girls Start It From Your Mother And Sister
  • Stop Staring Womens Are Not Aliens
  • Don’t Compromise Yourself You Are All You’ve Got
  • No Misbehaving No Eve Teasing
  • Stop Eve Teasing Evil
  • Don’t Be Scared Stand Up Act Everyone Is Looking
  • Girls are grrrls… Boys are boys… DON’T TOUCH US… We’re NOT your toys
  • No means NO… Yes, we can!… We can do anything… We don’t need a man!
  • Every Human Has Rights
  • Raise voice against these noises.
  • I’ll hit you with a sandal.
  • It’s Not Only Words Because It’s Hurts
  • Fight THe Evil Of Eve Teasing

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