30+ Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Slogans

Encouraging your community to take the necessary precautions to prepare for a natural disaster will help to mitigate the effects of the disaster when it occurs. You should be familiar with a few “Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Slogans.”

Below is List Of Some Of The Here Are Best Disaster Preparedness Slogans :

  • Always wear your safety gear, so you can work without any fear.
  • We value life above everything
  • Be wise; use safety glasses to protect your eyes.
  • A little bit of awareness can save hundreds of lives
  • Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy.
  • Prepare & prevent instead of repair and repent
  • Don’t depend on luck; set the parking brake on your truck.
  • Your first priority is the safety of your life
  • A spill, a slip, a hospital trip
  • Vibrations on earth come immediately in an open ground
  • Don’t play with matches since fire catches.
  • Disaster Management is our goal…what’s yours?
  • Fire safety is no joke so use caution if you must smoke.
  • Disaster Management starts with ‘D’ but begins with ‘YOU.’
  • Make preparation in advance. You never have trouble if you are prepared for it.
  • Jog against the traffic flow, or to the hospital you could go.
  • Safety is a requirement of the job – not an option.
  • Disaster management is like breathing, if you don’t, you die.
  • Save your behind and keep safety in mind.