Rugby is a glamorous sport, played with an oval ball. This ball could be kicked from one side to the other, passed on, and borne. In the opposite line of a goal, a team scores points by grounding the ball.
It is a really rough and tough game that professionals play. Being a dangerous sport, however, people really love it and proper safety gears get used to keep the person away from any injury.

Here are some of the fantastic rugby slogans which you need to read right now. Go on further to read it and be inspired.

  • 80 minutes. 15 positions. No protection.
  • Rock and roll with Rugby
  • I am a rugby girl, I bleed twice a month
  • Rugby, also known as kill the guy with the ball.
  • Aggressive by Nature, Rugby by Choice.
  • Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now.
  • All for ONE.
  • All it takes is all you’ve got.
  • All Out, All-Match, All Season.
  • All you got, all the time.
  • Always a great ruck.
  • You can’t scare me, I am a Rugby player
  • Black and blue with pride.
  • You can’t scare me. I play Rugby.
  • Bring the ruckus.
  • Call us “Butter” because we’re on a roll.
  • Keep calm and scrum down.
  • Mom says, avoid girls & Play Rugby
  • A game for ruffians, played by scholars.
  • Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage (It’s a rugby thing).
  • Demand respect or expect defeat.
  • Don’t plan to succeed, Work to succeed.
  • Don’t Ruck With Me!
  • Donate blood, play rugby.
  • Drive – Desire – Destiny.
  • Give blood to play rugby.
  • Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.
  • RUGBY – pleasure without protection.
  • Have you rucked anyone lately?
  • The heart is the difference between those who attempt and those who achieve.
  • How do you want to be remembered?
  • Hustle and heart set us apart.
  • I hope you like animals, cause I’m a beast.
  • It’s not ballet dancing, it’s rugby.
  • I’m so good your mom cheers for me.
  • If you never lose then you can never appreciate the victories.
  • Life would be boring without Rugby
  • If you really want to see stars, play rugby.
  • It’s not ballet dancing, it’s rugby.
  • It’s not bragging if you can back it up!

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