Cricket is a game that is played with a bat and ball. It is played in a stadium which has two teams of 11 players each. The equipment required to play the game is a ball, cricket bat, Wicket (Stump balls, and different other protective types of equipment.
Being governed by the International Cricket Council, it is one of the best games which is famous amongst youngsters. With the increasing popularity of the game, here are some of the cricket slogans that will help you to know the game even better.
Follow ahead and find the most motivational and inspiring quotes.

Here is a list of 100+ Cricket Team slogans

  • Attitude is everything
  • There can only be one #1
  • There’s no traffic on the extra mile.
  • The fans can make you famous.
  • A contract can make you rich.
  • The press can make you a superstar.
  • But only love can make you a player.
  • Cricket we love you
  • Is Cricket In You?
  • The game of gentlemen
  • Don’t show me your Attitude, I have my Own
  • My heart beats for Cricket
  • Make your trick, Hat-trick
  • Champions are made not born
  • Stop talking – Start batting
  • Cricket Soul
  • Eat, sleep and play Cricket
  • Hey baby, it’s a free hit
  • Go On, it’s your turn
  • All I want is to play Cricket
  • Let the Cricket Begin
  • Cricket is tested & approved by Moms
  • Cricket, the food of our soul
  • It’s Just For Me And My Cricket
  • Get the Cricket Habit
  • Don’t Forget The Cricket, Mum
  • It’s just the Cricket
  • Keep calm and keep batting
  • Play like Boom Boom
  • No Cricket, No Comment
  • Everyone’s Favorite Cricket
  • I’m in love with Cricket
  • Play on the front foot
  • Your bouncer makes me hot
  • King of swing
  • Just Do Cricket
  • Pull short is the best short
  • Take care of your balls
  • We want a sixer
  • I am a cricket lover
  • Teamwork is the key
  • Go and do it

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