Wrestling is basically a sports activity that involves gripping with an opponent and a try to throw them or even hold them on the ground. All of this is done according to the rules. Included in the Olympics, wrestling is indeed a noteworthy game all around the world.
There are two people involved in wrestling and the winner is decided as per the rules. It is one of the best games in history. Here we would be discussing some wrestling slogans which can help you to know better about the game and help you to stay motivated if you are a wrestler.

Here are some Popular Wrestling Slogans for you:

  • Pain is just weakness leaving the body – Andrew Moore
  • Roll rock work hard fight and make sure you don’t windup countin the lights – Lissy
  • Can you smell what the ring is cooking? – Ms Roberts
  • To be the best you’ve got to be a beast – Macho Man
  • If you haven’t seen the lights, you haven’t wrestled me yet – Beast
  • Our time is now! – Big Arms
  • Live fast fight hard – Donny
  • If you want to play.. you gotta pay – Rocko
  • By any means necessary – Muscle Maniac
  • Wrestling is not just a sport, it’s a punishment – Mr Tough
  • Some dreams are broken, so others can be fulfilled – Ice
  • Football players can wrestle, but only wrestlers can do it right – Fire
  • Pin it to Win it – Ms Preston
  • My blood, my sweat, your tears – Marque
  • Wrestlers have all the moves – Demi
  • This Time I’m On Top – Jenn
  • 3 Second Heart Breaker – Sanford
  • Break My Nails – I Break Your Face – Nyla
  • You’re NEXT – Arthur
  • One on one with the great one – Bradd
  • Grapple up! – Cammy
  • Tap out or pass out! The choice is yours – Cezar
  • Your mom called. You left your game at home – El Loco
  • We don’t remember days…we remember moments. – Austin
  • Sometimes it’s not how good you are, but how bad you want it – Giant
  • If you never lose then you can never appreciate the victories. – Ted
  • Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard – Brave Man
  • play like you’re in first, train like you’re in second – Hulkman
  • Risk everything. Fear Nothing. Live with no regrets – Butch
  • A champion is someone who does not settle for that day’s practice, that day’s competition, that day’s performance. They are always striving to be better.-Ricky
  • A true man of character knows his limitations – but doesn’t accept them – Robert

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