Surfing is a fun activity that requires riding on a wave on a specially designed board. It is often done by individuals who have well-practiced this art of recreational activities.
It is a water sport that requires immense practice and dedication to learn. People who want to become surfers start learning the sport at an early age.
With all the dedication and hard work required to be a surfer, it is indeed a well renowned and loved sport. If you want to stay motivated and be a surfer someday, then, here are some of the motivational surfing slogans which will help!

Here is a list a catchy surfing slogans

  • Live long & Surf
  • Make everyday a Surfing day
  • No waves, No charm
  • Drugs? No thanks, I’m a surfer
  • You keep calm, I’ll go Surf
  • Wave life
  • Just one more
  • Surfing is a real life
  • Life without Sex & Surfing is nothing
  • Enjoy life, one wave at a time
  • I wanna Surf everyday
  • Keep calm & Surf on
  • I want you to Surf daily
  • Less work – More surf
  • Surfing is not a sport, it’s a life style
  • Surfing fever
  • Like I am fighting with water
  • It’s time to surf right now
  • This is what life is all about
  • Surf beaches not browsers
  • Surfing is the way to be
  • Out of water, I am nothing
  • Love sandy feet
  • Life is good at the beach
  • Don’t try to stop the waves, learn to surf
  • Eat, Sleep and Surf
  • It’s beach life
  • 7 days without Surfing makes one weak
  • Surf like there is no tomorrow
  • Surfing days are awesome days
  • Rise and Shine with waves
  • Sea Sand & Surf
  • Eat Sleep Surf Repeat
  • Surf on beaches not on internet
  • I love my wife & Surfing
  • Life’s short, let’s go for Surfing
  • Live love & Surf
  • Surfing makes me happy
  • Keep calm & Surf all day
  • Keep calm & Marry a Surfer
  • Only Surfing, nothing else
  • I love Surfing more than the free WIFI
  • Surfing is in my heart
  • In love with Surfing
  • Hail the Surfers
  • Do it like a Surfer
  • Cowards don’t Surf!!

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