A garage sale can also term as a yard sale. It means putting the selling of the used goods by individuals in an informal manner. There are no business licenses that are required by the sellers in this case. Also, they don’t have to pay any sales tax. But, some jurisdictions may require a permit.

They are many people who put up the garage and yard sale. There have been several countries that have their own procedure of going for the same. Going ahead, here are some of the garage and yard sale slogans that can provide you with the exact meaning of it.

Below is a list of Garage and Yard Sales Slogans and Taglines:

  • A sale where everything is a steal!
  • Not selling my yard, but I am selling things in my yard!
  • The sports collectors yard sale!
  • Rich things at cheap prices.
  • An inexpensive version of a departmental store!
  • The cheapest yard sale of the decade!
  • Cracking the deal is up to your skill.
  • Our Spring-time garage sale is here!
  • Get an item free with each thing you buy!
  • Things that are too good to be thrown away.
  • Get beautiful porcelain crockery at my garage sale.
  • A yard sale too hard to miss.
  • A garage sale of classy old stuff.
  • Get the best deal and also a free meal!
  • Feel the best deals at my yard sale.
  • A yard sale, but the yard is not on sale!
  • Hurry before the sale is over!
  • Thumbs up to the best yard sale in town!
  • Missing our yard sale will be like missing all the great stuff!
  • Gifts for Mom Sale Ends Tonight!
  • Selling old luggage so that I can go to college.
  • Hips may lie, but my garage sale does not!
  • A bargain-hunter’s best dream come true.
  • This Sunday, our garage is your marketplace.

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Last Update: January 3, 2022