“Bicycle Safety Slogans” Bicycle safety refers to the safety which should be undertaken by individuals in order to reduce the risk while riding a bicycle. There can be numerous risks that can be involved in bicycle riding. These risks can include different amounts of incidents that can occur during individual cycling With several different countries in the world, every one of them has its own rules regarding bicycle safety. Now, going on further, here are some of the bicycle safety slogans which will enlighten you on the topic of bicycle safety. Go on to read further about and gain further knowledge about it.

Below is a list of Catchy Bicycle Safety Slogans :

  • Ride safe and keep others safe too.
  • You may have a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler but safety is for everyone.
  • The road is for all, stay safe and ride safe everyone.
  • Safety is gainful, an accident is painful
  • Cool on the bike but safety first
  • We know accidents hurt, so let us prevent them.
  • Wear a helmet else answer in the court
  • Those who cycle are the ones who live healthy and happy life.
  • A helmet is sexy
  • Stay away from hospitals and hospital beds by wearing your helmet on your head.
  • Taking Precautions and following the safety rules do not harm anyone.
  • No safety – know pain, know safety – no pain
  • Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.
  • Always choose safety before stunts.
  • Ride safely, stay alive. Use your helmets.
  • The bike is for two not for too many
  • Stay informed, stay safe and keep everyone safe.
  • Don’t lose your head: Read signs instead.
  • Keep your head safe by wearing a helmet.
  • Life will not be short, Ware a Helmet lives longer.
  • Helmets protect you so do not forget to wear them.
  • Do not speak on your phone while riding a bicycle
  • Stay away from Hell on earth, Cover yourself with Helmet.
  • Better to be safe than to be sorry!
  • Take your cycle to the mechanic if you find anything wrong
  • Be visible when jogging or biking, wear reflective material to your liking.

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