Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is a deadly disease that gets shifted from one person to another through different means. Wuhan, China being the epicenter of this disease, has spread all around the world. Coming in contact with a coronavirus infected person increases the chances of being affected by this virus. There are various norms which have to be followed to stop the spread as the vaccine for it is yet to be found.

So, here are some of the coronavirus slogans that are worth reading. They will help you to learn more about the disease and the perfect idea of stopping its spread. Read to find further information.

Coronavirus Slogans

  • What happens in the quarantine, stays in the quarantine.
  • Be a corona fighter.
  • Never touch your face with unclean hands.
  • Keep calm, stop touching your face and wash your hands.
  • Can’t breathe? Get tested for Covid-19.
  • Clean care is in your hands.
  • Meetings can be free, but there may be some viruses which you can’t see.
  • Lead the war against coronavirus.
  • Prevention is better than ventilation.
  • Wear masks to prevent infection.
  • Go Corona Go.
  • Staying apart is the best way to stay united.
  • Stay home, stay safe.
  • Protect yourself to protect your loved ones from coronavirus.
  • Keep your elders safe from coronavirus.
  • Just because you don’t feel it, doesn’t mean you don’t have it.
  • Without this vaccine a virus will creep into your body and attack you from the inside. So stay self.
  • Use Mask Properly
  • Unite against Coronavirus.

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