Social distancing is a non-medical method infection prevention technique. It helps in controlling and stopping any airborne pathogens from spreading from one person to another. It is a great help in fighting the disease outside of the hospital.

Social distancing means the gap which should be maintained between two people to stop the bacteria increase. It slows down the rise in the disease and its further transmission in society.

Here are some of the famous social distancing slogans which shall help you to – know the importance of social distancing. Go on to read further about its necessity and the different famous slogans.

Social Distancing Slogans

  • Help stop the spread and stay healthy.
  • Damn it feels good to be a safe social distance.
  • If you’re reading this stay inside.
  • Get out loser. We’re social distancing.
  • Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy.
  • Wake up, stay home, sleep well. Repeat
  • 6 feet apart or 6 feet under
  • A lifetime of social distancing prepared me for this.
  • I’m social distancing so if you can read this you’re too close.
  • Stay home, save lives.
  • Maintain a 1m and 6 feet distance whilst interacting with others.