Food is basically an emotion and everyone loves it. It is any substance that can be eaten in order to get the required nutritional support for an organism. It is both plants as well as animal origin. It contains different required nutrients which include fats, carbohydrates, and even minerals.
There can be different types and several kinds of definitions of food. Also, all the countries have their own traditional dishes. Below mentioned are some of the famous food slogans which can help you to know more about its amazement and vast nature. Read on to find further about the best slogans!

Here is a list of Catchiest food slogans and funny food slogans and restaurent slogans

  • Food: a necessary part of a complete life
  • Beware what you eat; it becomes a part of you.
  • Fruits and vegetables are good for the body.
  • Quality food for quality people.
  • Deliciousness jumping into the mouth.
  • Grills that smoke.
  • No junk food if u want 2 preserve ur wealth bcoz health is wealth.
  • A Healthy Food, for a wealthy mood!
  • Fast food = fast death.
  • Eat well feel well.
  • The pleasure on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.
  • Junk food can cause harm to health, which can wash out your wealth
  • Eat to live; don’t live to eat.
  • Bread is your best food, eat more of it
  • Milk – nature’s perfect food.
  • Organic Food with Local Roots
  • Cheese is milk’s leap toward immortality
  • Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first
  • Your heart feels little emotion when your stomach feels no food
  • You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food
  • Funny food

  • My diet for today: 1% food, 99% Halloween candy
  • Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos
  • Winner-winner chicken dinner.
  • Grab life by the spicy food.
  • Where the hell is my burger?
  • How does a train eat? Chew, Chew
  • I am on a seafood diet. I see food and I eat it.
  • Egg and leg-it
  • My daughters think ketchup is a vegetable
  • I lost some weight once, but I found it again in the fridge
  • Famous Restaurant Slogans

  • McDonald’s – “I’m Lovin’ It”
  • KFC – “Finger-Lickin’ Good”.
  • Burger King – “Have It Your Way”.
  • Hardees – “Where the Food’s the Star”.
  • Taco Bell – “Think Outside the Bun”.
  • Subway – “Eat Fresh”.
  • Fat Burger – “The Last Great Hamburger Stand”.
  • Fuddruckers – “World’s Greatest Hamburgers”.
  • Chilis – “License to Grill”.

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