80+ Catchy Laundry Slogans List and Taglines

Laundry-Clothes to be washed
Laundry is basically the pile-up of clothes that need to be washed and cleaned. There have been several times while you would have seen different cloth piling up in your home.
There are various people who offer laundry services for those who don’t want to wash their clothes on their own. Washing the clothes with the best chemicals, rising, drying them, pressing them with an iron, and folding are all part of the laundry.
Below stated are some of the best laundry slogans that you will love to read about. Go on to know more about the laundry over here.

Below is a list of 80+ Laundry Slogans and Taglines:

  • Professional Laundry Service at an Affordable rate
  • Getting the stains out is half the battle
  • Clean laundry, peace of mind!
  • A happy relief – Every laundry day
  • Giving you time back for the important things!
  • Let’s get wet, tumble around, and dry off, together.
  • Committed to your health and the environment.
  • Gets clothes cleaner than any other soap.
  • Professional Laundry Service at an Affordable rate
  • Let us handle the dirty work for you
  • Clean clothes at your doorstep
  • Sensitive material takes sensitive handling
  • Experience the new Level of Laundry
  • Clean clothes, Clean passion
  • Life’s perfect when your underwear is fresh from the laundry
  • Making Old Clothes, newer
  • The right thing for your bad Clothes
  • You leave it we clean it!
  • Send your laundry out for professional care so you can stay in your jammies
  • Neat and clean is the perfect scene.
  • Have more fun with your laundry
  • Neat around, clean surround should be our keen behind.
  • Don’t get caught with dirty pants!
  • Maintain cleanliness in the godliness.
  • Money doesn’t buy class. Good laundry does
  • Yes, it’s true! We wash the dirtiest of garments for you
  • Don’t be so mean and keep the surrounding very clean.
  • Did you forget to launder? Call us
  • 24 hours to a day, clean clothes follow the same time schedule
  • All-day fresh, laundry made to last
  • Keeping you clean, one shirt at a time.
  • The best part of laundry day is conserving your energy.
  • We care for the clothes you wear.