Coal mining is known for being risky, and it necessitates extensive training and stringent safety procedures to protect the safety of all crew members. These clever coal mining safety Slogans are a fantastic reminder to always Priorities safety.

Below is a list of Catchy Coal Mining Safety Slogans :

  • Don’t be a fool, cause safety is cool, so make that your rule.
  • Don’t be safety blinded, be safety-minded.
  • Safety comes in a can, I can, You can, We can be safe.
  • Safety glasses: All in favor say “Eye!”
  • Alertness prevents accidents.
  • Proper safety equipment goes a long way.
  • Work safely or Hurt greatly
  • All coal miners should be aware of the safety precautions.
  • Forget about the nurse who says “safety first.”
  • Coal mining should not cost any lives.
  • Coal mining was made easier and safer.
  • Safety comes in a can, I can, You can, We can be safe
  • Ignore safety goggles and you will embrace blindness.
  • Hearing loss is a huge loss, protect your important tool
  • To prevent a coal mine from turning into a death trap.
  • A helmet is not a headache. It prevents headaches.
  • Chance takers are accident makers
  • Entrapment of miners is something to be avoided.
  • Do your work with pride. Put safety in every stride
  • Always alert your fellow miners of the gas leaks.
  • Lights will guide you to safety.
  • Evacuate coal mines through the safety exits.
  • Safety exits for coal miners are important.
  • It is never too late to know about coal mining safety regulations.
  • No compromise towards the safety of coal miners.
  • Do not panic. Avoid a tragedy like the Titanic.
  • In coal mining, safety comes first.
  • Have a gas mask on to prevent dust inhalation
  • Set an example for yourself in coal mining safety.
  • Safety goggles are compulsory for miners.

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Last Update: January 3, 2022