The Save girl Child is one of the best things that need to be done in order to make society grow as a whole. Women are essential, so, they should be let born in this world.
Some people prefer to kill a girl fetus in the womb which is not only illegal but unethical. All over the world, it has become a tradition of not accepting their own and aborting them which is the worst.
So, going further, we would be providing you with the amazing save girl child slogans. Get further knowledge on it to know more about the importance of a girl child.

Catchy List of 40 Best Slogans On Save Girl Child

  • A Girl Child Brings Joy, She Is No Less Than A Boy
  • Girls are rock; they give birth to babies in the future! Save them.
  • Girls are pearls
  • The future is the name of your girl, past is the name of your mother, no past, present, or future without a girl.
  • Don’t kill girl child in the womb, let her take birth.
  • Girls are coldness of father’s eyes
  • GIRL means Gift In Real Life
  • If you kill girls, who will give birth to the next generations.
  • We love girlfriend but not daughter – Strange but true
  • Little Girls are Heavens Flowers
  • Let me see this beautiful earth – Please don’t kill me before birth
  • Women are wonderful!
  • A girl child is a miracle by God on the earth. Save her!
  • The girl child is like rose petals, save them
  • Daughters are flowers that are forever in bloom
  • A girl completes a family, don’t kill, and let her take birth.
  • A girl, not only educate herself but also educate the whole nation
  • Girls are giggles with freckles all over them
  • Save girls, children, save lives on the earth.
  • Save girls to save future generations
  • Girl Is Like A Butterfly, Then Why Making Them Cry!
  • If there is a daughter, there is tomorrow!
  • No girl – No mother – No life
  • Be bold to stop the violence. Show your concern for the girl child
  • Girls are cute little dolls, why you kill them?
  • Joy at every stage, Welcome the baby girl
  • Let me live – Let me bloom – Let me shine like the beautiful moon
  • Save the future mothers and grandmothers. Save Girls
  • Girls are an indication of charm, beauty, and happiness in this world, save them.
  • A girl child, an uncut diamond
  • Girls Are Great, Don’T Destroy Their Fate
  • Saving a girl child is like saving the upcoming generations
  • Girls are not emails so don’t delete them
  • You are lucky to have a girl child, never hurt her.
  • Say no to abortion, save girl child
  • Girls are angels, save them
  • Think out of the box and open your mind to girls.
  • Daughter, Sister, Friend, Wife, Mother when you kill a girl you kill many others
  • Save girl child – Save future mother – Save future sister – Save future wife
  • Pretty dresses Little Curls, Oh thank heaven for little girls!
  • Don’t destroy the future by killing girl children.

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