Every year on October 29, World Stroke Day is Celebrated to raise awareness about the serious nature and high rates of stroke and to discuss ways in which we can reduce the burden of stroke through better public awareness of stroke risk factors and symptoms.

Here are some famous World Stroke Day Slogans

  • A healthy heart makes you healthy.
  • Exercise daily… prevent strokes!
  • To keep your heart healthy, eat healthily.
  • Keep your heart protected from strokes.
  • Quit smoking… otherwise, you may go stroking!
  • The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.
  • Stroke can be avoided and you must work towards it.
  • Keep your blood pressure in check. Show “strokes” on your back!
  • Take care of your heart and brain… Because strokes are of massive pain!
  • Changing your lifestyle and diet for a healthier heart is worth it.
  • We all must protect our hearts from a stroke.
  • Go for a morning walk, to prevent stroke.
  • Healthy living… happy living… say goodbye to strokes
  • Sudden and silent- stroke… prevent it before it comes to you.
  • Let us create a world where there is no room for strokes!
  • Don’t let stroke decide your life.
  • Waking up to the threats of stroke can save you from a stroke.

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