Competition-People Competing with Each other!
Competition is an event in which more than one person is competing with each other to win the event. Healthy competition is much required and is necessary for the growth of a person. But, negative competition can hamper work status.

Only one party wins the competition out of both or more parties. Going further, here are some of the competition slogans which are famous and noteworthy.

Going by these slogans will help you to learn the real and true meaning of competition. Read on to find out the further elaborated details about the competition in this diversified and modern world.

Below is a list of Great Competition Slogans to help you stay motivated during the competition:

  • Pain is temporary, Pride is forever.
  • We never lose. We either win or learn
  • The offense sells tickets, Defense wins championships.
  • The true champion believes in the impossible.
  • Never give up, keep fighting
  • I can, I will – End of story!
  • No one can stop you
  • Winners’ rocks, Losers shocked
  • We Bout to Knock You Out
  • Motivation is necessary for success
  • I don’t mean to brag, but we got this game in the bag
  • Be a winner, not a complainer
  • You can come up with a thousand excuses but the bottom line is you can’t stop me.
  • A bad place to be is between me and the ball.
  • Actions speak louder than coaches.
  • Champions are made when no one is watching.
  • Don’t race against others, race against yourself.
  • Hustle and heart set us apart.
  • It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.
  • Look up, get up, but never give up.
  • Play like you’re in first; train like you’re in second.
  • Risk everything, Fear Nothing, Live with no regrets

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