14 Catchy Melbourne Slogans

Melbourne is a fantastic city that just lives up to its name. You can find different shopping malls, best restaurants, and cafes, along with the happening nightclubs.

The place is known for both its culture and ethnicity. Melbourne is a place that has become one of the most liveable cities with different policies for the citizens. Though it can be really expensive to visit this city of Australia, but, at last, it is all worth it. This city is a worthwhile visit, and should definitely be there on your travel list.

Going further, here are some of the Melbourne slogans that you can read and enjoy.

  • The Land of Inbetween.
  • The Sydney of the South.
  • Melbourne: Australia’s First.
  • We may not have a harbour, but we have a ferris wheel.
  • Melbourne – If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.
  • Makin’ you hot, wet, and cool in a day.
  • Melbourne: Where attractive women fall from trees.
  • It should have been called Batmania.
  • Melbourne: Australia’s only passable attempt at culture.
  • Gumpy is back, and he’s not happy.
  • We gather strength as we go.
  • Melbourne: Enough said.
  • More people from Perth per capita than Perth.
  • We have a Costco.
  • Melbourne: Where square-toed shoes are depressingly prevalent.