50+ Prominent Chess Slogans

Chess is a kind of indoor game that is played by mainly two players on a chequered board. The pieces of the board are white and black color. They get set on the board according to their positions. Different pieces have different ways in which they can move forward.

The sole motive of the game is to protect your king while putting your opponent in a position where the king can’t be saved. Captivating the king is known as checkmate and marks the victory of the person who captivates it.
Below mentioned are some of the chess slogans which will help you to know more about the game.

  • Chess is my superpower
  • Chess matters
  • Do more of what makes you happy, for me that’s Chess
  • Are you crying? There’s no crying in Chess!.
  • Choose your weapon.
  • I like Chess & maybe like 3 people.
  • Got Chess?
  • Chess, It’s a lifestyle.
  • Weapons of choice.
  • Chess players are always ready to mate!.
  • I’d rather be playing Chess.
  • Always protect your Queen.
  • Nobody is perfect but if you can Chess, you’re pretty close.
  • Chess is a funny game, I always laugh when I win.
  • Chess teaches.
  • I can last for hours.
  • Chess players get the best mates.
  • Chess is my girlfriend.
  • Making Chess moves.
  • I love Chess.
  • King of Chess.
  • Keep calm & Chess on.
  • Just Chess.
  • Chess for all.
  • Believe in moves.
  • I want you to play Chess.
  • Better move next time.
  • Chess, more mental than physical.
  • Live long & play Chess.
  • Chess is life.
  • Keep calm & play chess.
  • Chess kills.
  • Chess players mate better.
  • Chess-like a Boss.
  • Don’t mind, it’s Chess time.
  • I love my wife & Chess.
  • I love Chess more than free WIFI.
  • Chess is hotter than the bottom of your laptop.
  • Drugs? No thanks, I play Chess.
  • Life without Chess is nothing.
  • Nothing like Chess.
  • Chess isn’t easy.
  • Come on, lets play Chess.
  • Cool girls love Chess players.
  • Will marry a Chess player.
  • Keep calm & marry a Chess player.
  • Chess players do delicately.
  • Chess is my life.
  • Lack of Chess is fatal.
  • Think Chess.
  • I love Chess, my Son.
  • Chess, this is it!.
  • No Chess? No way.
  • Can’t live without Chess.
  • Imagine a life without Chess
  • Nothing sounds better than Chess
  • Chess is like a Drug
  • I choose Chess over life
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