Candy Emporium Slogans

  • Let Us Cure Your Sweet Tooth.
  • Candy will never be the same.
  • Want to feel powerful?
  • Sweetness Counts.
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth here.
  • Munch a bunch of sweeties.
  • I am sweet to you.
  • Our candies are jolly.
  • Land of sweets galore!
  • Best Candy in the Land.
  • Your one-stop sweet spot.
  • Crunch munch, it’s all here.
  • Make your day a little sweeter.
  • Where Everything’s Sweet!
  • Often Licked but Never Beaten.
  • Come lick the lollypop at the Lollipop Shop.
  • Buy our candy and get free teeth rotting.
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth come to candy land.
  • If you liked candy man you’ll love candy land.
  • Its better than beauty, its CANDY!
  • How Sweet it is.
  • Your heart’s desire.
  • A slice of heaven.
  • The way you remember candy.
  • Candy than makes men happy.
  • The candy store candy.
  • Let us sweeten your day.
  • try a little sweetness.
  • Don’t hold back.
  • Cookies are us.
  • We can sweeten your day.
  • Have candy have-sweet dreams.
  • For every candy craver, there’s a jar of craving candies!
  • Where nothing sweet is overlooked.
  • Where everything sweet is considered.
  • Heaven on Earth.
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