If you are married to a person who is involved in hitting you, destroying your mental peace, then, you should divorce the person right one. Bearing a crime is more than doing one. No one has the right to hit anyone, and so, do you. So, always stand for what is wrong.
There are different NGO’s which can help you to get away from the anti-domestic violence. Going further, here are some of the amazing anti-domestic violence slogans that will help you to get an idea of why violence is bad. Read on further to find why it is not normal to stay in an abusive relationship.

Here are 30+ Catchy Anti Domestic Violence

  • The ones who have no voice need you to speak up.
  • If you partner is violent, don’t be silent
  • Come Up With A Resolution, Violence Is Never A Solution.
  • Domestic Violence Hurts More Than One Person.
  • Abuse you must prevent, so she’s not in torment
  • Stop violence against women.
  • If You Hit A Woman You Got Some Nerves, Abuse Is Not What She Deserves.
  • Bullies Never Win in the Games.
  • Those who are strong , stops the wrong
  • Violence is destructive, peace is constructive
  • don’t punch or hit, instead use your wit.
  • when you get angry walk away, or you may regret it the next day
  • Stop it while you still have a voice
  • Domestic Violence Prevention Begins With Me and You.
  • Kindness Is A Great Trait. Never Abuse Your Mate.
  • It’s not you who is violent, it’s creation of violent streak in you
  • Come Up With A Resolution, Violence Is Never A Solution.
  • Domestic Violence is an Every Day Issue
  • Rape Is Not Respecting.
  • Control over your violence streak is as necessary as air to breathe
  • Conversation can be the best way to solve any kind of problems
  • Stopping Domestic Violence: It’s Not Just a Good Idea — It’s The Law.
  • Treat Her With Respect Is What We Expect.
  • Aftermaths of Violence are portrayal of inhumanity
  • treat your wife like you expect a man to treat your daughter
  • Waste not what the earth gives us.
  • Violence Is Not The Solution. It’s The Problem.
  • We Need Women, Treat Them Right.
  • Power to peace spreaders and pity on violence spreaders
  • bruises will heal, but there will be a crack in her heart forever
  • If you hit a woman you got some nerves, abuse is not what she deserves
  • There’s no excuse for violence or abuse.
  • Act Like You Have Evolved, Talk It Out To Have It Resolved.
  • Love and peace can resolute
  • There is no reason to hurt another!
  • Smarts you lack if you feel a need to attack.
  • Decrease The Violence And Increase The Peace Come On Guys Let’s Have Safer Streets.
  • Kindness is a great trait, Never abuse your mate
  • Prevent Domestic Violence: Preserve Domestic Tranquility.
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